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    the rich white boy is 100% scarier than the clown like honestly I’m not even making a white boy joke like this character is scaring me more than the damn clown

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  • I don’t go looking for trouble. Trouble usually finds me.

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  • Okay but your ot3 going through a haunted house


    - who’s in the front, who’s in the middle, and who’s in the back
    - who acts like it’s not going to be a big deal but actually screams at the top of their lungs when someone in the group’s hand brushes their arm
    - who’s scared about going in but they’re the only one who keeps their cool
    - who keeps narrating their adventure in a deep voice as they wander through the haunted house
    - and, of course, who loses their shoe as they run out of the attraction

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  • Still debating the merit of starting a sideblog for my more porny ficlets that I’ve kept on anon. I wish I could just post them here……

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    team flash: a summary

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    Yes, good, correct use of train technology.

    This is so cool……

    she’s a dragon

    she’s a dragon

    Reminds me of Skyrim when you slay dragons and there’re all bones.


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    OTW’s 7 Wonders membership drive to raise $70,000 by Oct 27 starts now. We need everyone’s help so find out more

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  • Rick Grimes (when referring to his son)

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  • "CORAL"
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    the day i don’t reblog this is the day i am deceased

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    these puppies believe in you, and you should too

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    • dean: sigh
    • cas: what's wrong
    • cas: are you okay
    • cas: do you want me to kill someone for you
    • cas: I'll kill someone for you
    • cas: baby
  • requested: nolan ross

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