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  • Daryl takes care of the Grimes family.

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  • Maybe they’re not haunting us. Maybe they’re teaching us. Reminding us. So we can live with what we have to do.

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    Can I have a Sterek Supernanny AU? 

    Like, Stiles is the fucking kid whisperer and Derek is a single dad with three unruly kids (Boyd, Erica, and Isaac) and he’s in way over his head.

    He makes his video and Stiles has to come and teach him all the different child-rearing and disciplining  techniques.

    Like, Isaac throws really bad tantrums and Stiles has to teach Derek the naughty spot technique or Erica won’t sleep in her own bed and Stiles has to intervene.

    But he only has two weeks to get the family together before he has to move on to the next family.

    And Derek’s resistant at first because he loves his kids and he hates to see them cry or get upset but he knows it’s working.

    Stiles never plans to get so attached to Derek and his kids but he does.

    Cue romance and cuddles and family building! 

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  •  ”We might actually get picked up. This might actually be a show for maybe a season or two.” - Jensen Ackles

    Look how far we’ve come!!

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    on a scale of Gale Hawthorne to Caesar Flickerman how much do you ship everlark

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  • I have to ask her something.

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  • He'd call his daughter Bees. Bees N. Datrap.


    "I named her Nicki, after this wonderful poet I’ve been listening to lately…"

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    Dean Winchester - 1x20

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    Not the heroes we thought we needed but the heroes we really needed all along


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